I’m in the mood for dancing.

rain danceI’m in a dancing mood today and wanted to share this prayer courtesy of the web site “Telling the Truth” which I read every day.

Lord, please make my life look radically different from what people are expecting – make it so different today, that my life looks like You, not me. Your Spirit is a beautiful choreographer. Let me keep in step so that others are captivated by the dance. Amen.


Climb Aboard

I am updating my blog to keep up with my change in circumstances. I hope to be living by the sea in early August.

If you want to see the blogs I follow etc ,just hit the triple bar at the top. “About.”..speaks for itself.

I am setting sail on a new adventure, from my “Long Boat Cottage ” (my new flat) especially as I am purported to be of viking descent. My crew are my 6 children and 5 grandchildren (plus 2 ) so do please come on board .

Hopefully we will explore new ports and not experience too many shipwrecks!