Bread and cake.

Getting through the winter, is always difficult especially if you are a student like me, or are just on a low income. Do you pay for the heating or eat,this is quite topical at the moment but has been a problem for many for the few hundred years.

To try to make things go further I sometimes make my own bread, last year in a lean patch I made some lovely bread only to come down one morning and find that the mice had eaten it! This year in a rodent free house I thought I was safe. Yesterday to get two hungry children through the week, and to stop them snacking on rubbish, I made a large sponge cake,of which I was quite proud.

Today I had to take the children to school early for play rehearsals, on my return I was horrified to find that the dogs had eaten the cake!!! They have never stolen food before!

OOOOhhhh, I feel better for telling you!


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